FOOD STOPS: Adobo Connection

When searching for the best adobo in town, many would claim that their one is the the best. And with the almost infinite number of adobo recipies that one can actually make and taste, it is one of the most diverse dish in the Philippines, if not the whole world.

And I do consider myself as a "Adobo Critic" as I have tasted a lot of different recipies, styles, textures and flavors from the simplest to the exotic. But what if I do want to taste the adobo that me and my peers will like? The missing link is solved with ADOBO CONNECTION.

Me and fellow bloggers Sarah and Clarissa stumbled upon the restaurant and saw the variety of unique menu that showcases a number of adobo menus and also some food items that you can not see in other places.  Of course, a unique menu is not the only only criteria of excellence, the  experience, ambiance, taste and also price are the main factors.

The establishment has indeed dedicated itself to the creation of great (if not the best) adobo in the metro. Though may not have exactly 7, 107 kinds in store, the adobo selections are actually enough to satisfy all adobo people cravings and more.
First we tried their Adobo Flakes in Rice made from finely shreded adobo fibers placed over rice with an adobo infusion. This meal can is already a fulfilling meal and also great for people on a budget! This goes great with their iced tea!

From the presentation of the food itself is already appetizing and also won't leave you disappointed with the servings. And though we consider this a full meal already, we are still off to taste the Adobo meals which we will decide if it is the best indeed.
The ambiance would remind you of Lutong Pmabahay (Home Cooking)
Before the main course, we also tasted their TURON FLAN. Yes you heard it right, it is a leche flan wrapped like a Turon and fried to the right crispiness. This made me wonder how do they do this as leche flan is so soft that handling it and wrapping it perfectly, well its trade secret I know but just curious as it is my first time to see and eat one. And indeed, you will never get disappointed as the skin is very crisp and the leche flan oozes out with its sweet and silky texture, a contrast taste that makes this dessert one of a kind. So this one deserves our HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BADGE!
Now we move to the main event as we actually ordered the adobo of our prefference. For me its its the Adobo sa Gata, Chicken adobo cooked with gata and spices This mix is what I am looking for in an abodo, juicy , tasty, creamy and with a little kick of spices that are not too hot. Clarissa as a first timer with the restaurant, chose the Modern Adobo, this pork adobo has a great twist with the addition of nuts with herbs and spices. While for Sarah who have been here chose Kuya's Adobo, another best seller and also a pork adobo meal.

I believe that the best adobo depends on one preference, but to be called the best must have qualities that will make the taste and experience really unique and unforgettable. And on our part, we did found it here in Adobo Connection. 

And in the following days they will lanch more menu which means more Adobo!

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ADOBO PAO (Adobo flavored siopao)


Adobo Flakes with Garlic Meal


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