A Taste of The Grove by Rockwell with Sunrise Buckets

The Grove by Rockwell lights up a corner amidst the Ortigas city scape – and this light shines even brighter with the opening of Sunrise Buckets along the C5 corridor of properties.  Both The Grove by Rockwell and Sunrise Buckets give families and barkadas another chill place to hang out and relax in.
Rockwell extends its reaches towards the urban and business district of Ortigas to build on residential and commercial spaces made especially for the modern urbanite. With a design that boasts a  75:25 nature to structure ratio, The Grove by Rockwell is definitely a place where space is in abundance -  space enough for fun, freedom and of course, fabulous food.

As The Grove by Rockwell prioritizes convenience for its residents,a two level retail enclave fit for those who want to have restaurants and services is just a stone’s throw away from their homes. The great news is that Sunrise Buckets, famous for its delicious buffalo wings, is the first among the planned establishments that will call The Grove by Rockwell their home.
Founded by sisters Abigail Co-Haw and Bridget Co, Sunrise Buckets was inspired by the two chefs’ adventures in Miami, Florida, Bondi Beach in Sydney and Vancouver, Canada. Whilst traveling the worlds’ beaches, they explored the myriad versions of buffalo wings inspired by each location’s different tastes and spices. Taking it from their love for the exotic flavors of buffalo wings all over the world, they opened Sunrise Buckets. The restaurant offers mouth-watering buffalo wings with a vibe reminiscent of beaches all over the world.Starting with the Original Sunrise and Smokin’ BBQ  recipes originally concocted by Abigail and Bridget, 13 sumptuous  recipes have since been created that will surely make each visit new and exciting.    

"Because of the hectic schedule of our fast paced life, it's almost impossible to plan for beach vacations nowadays," Abi mentions, "so we decided everyone needs a little break. We deserve to sit back,relax and just appreciate the simple things in life." This is the main reason why Sunrise Buckets has a surfer ambience imbibed into the design.

With the relaxed environment that cocoons The Grove by Rockwell from the rest of the busy streets of Ortigas, Sunrise Buckets can definitely thrive on the easy going mood in The Grove.Start the summer right by hanging out in The Grove and extend the summer fun further when The Grove opens its doors to its new residents this June.

Bridget says “We got so excited because immediately we knew that the whole concept was a perfect match. Both hubs create a relaxing place where intimate communities like family and friends can feel at home and zone in to the simplicity and beauty of nature.” Abigail reiterates that “It’s an easy escape from the busy city life that everyone would love to step into. Being at The Grove, we are assured of the vision of this project once again as it is very unique, incomparable to the common developments in the country.”

Customers can expect a different world when they step into the relaxed beat of Sunrise Buckets atThe Grove by Rockwell. Indulge in the awesome fusion of the beach,buckets of wings and beer to be had in the middle of the city. Great food, service, location and good vibes areall it takes to thoroughly enjoy an epic night with friends and family.

Bridget attests, "We don't just serve great food and great service, we offer our guests the Sunrise Buckets Experience," and that in itself is an enticing invitation. Try any of the internationally inspired flavors and see what it truly means to have a Bucket of Sunshine all to yourself.     

To get a taste of Sunrise Buckets, visit The Grove by Rockwell along C5, near Ortigas Avenue or call 571-8151. For more information or for reservations in Sunrise Buckets, check out www.sunrisebuckets.com or call 477-7636.


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