FOOD NEWS: Get Perked Up With Jollibee Coffee and Choco Floats!

Summer is indeed a time to cool down and enjoy something cool, and most of us also gets their daily kick up with coffee or chocolate (like me). And Jollibee has unveiled new this season that mixes both of these two together! The Jollibee Choco Float and Coffee Float!

I have tried both floats at a bloggers' event introducing these new treats from Jollibee.  The Choco Float mixes the chocolate taste of Iced Chocolate topped with Vanilla ice cram and hot fudge. This will be loved by kids and also sporty chocolate lovers like myself.

The Coffee Float on the other hand is a great mix of Iced coffee topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge. Great for coffee lovers and best refreshment for the hot afternoon. The caffeine boost that does not to be hot and more affordable than iced coffee in coffee shops.

Jollibee Coffee Float and Choco Floats are available in Jollibee for only 45 pesos starting in Luzon April 11 and Visayas and Mindanao on April 25! You can add 25 pesos to your favorite Jollibee Value Meals!


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