Shakey's PIZZA CASTELLANA - A Taste of Spain

The Spaniards had conquered half of the world in the past centuries including the Philippines. And their influence has been embedded in our culture and cuisine. That is why we love the spanish style of cooking. A fusion of aroma, rich flavor with some saltiness and sweetness. And with many world cuisine that we have in the city we still go with Spain.  Now Shakey's brings the taste of spain to its new pizza flavors.  

True to its mission of bringing pizza goodness to its loyal patrons as well as to new converts, Shakey’s is building on its iconic products by continuously coming out with unique and compelling offers with the primary objective of constantly satisfying the taste of the changing and evolving Pinoy palate. 

The leading family restaurant is once again adding up to its delicious roster of pizzas with the introduction of Pizza Castellana, a fitting celebration to our Spanish heritage of delectable taste, good food and great company.

Pizza Castellana is a premium pizza made from authentic and glistening Spanish Chorizo from Barcelona, made more flavourful with indigenous spices, and topped with red bell peppers and red onions on cheddar cheese and pizza sauce spread so invitingly on its world-famous brick oven-baked pizza.

With Pizza Castellana, Shakey’s spices up your taste buds and get you groovin’ to the flamenco beat! Available in both Thin Crust and Hand Tossed, Shakey’s Pizza Castellana is the perfect treat for barkadas, and for office and family gatherings.

At Shakey’s, great taste, variety and value bring people closer together. Make it an everyday enjoyment. 

For fast and efficient delivery, please call 77-777 or log on to and remember, if it’s late, it’s FREE.
Buen Provecho!

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