I do have a lot of good memories in my childhood especially with food which is where we usually bond and talk. And one of the most memorable is when be brought me to this old Chinese restaurant in Cubao called Ma Mon Luk. Its just the two of us enjoying a hearty siopao and sometimes mami. Though there are fast food places in the area that I also dined at, the memories with this restaurant has been the most cherished memory of my late father.

Sadly, times changed and he left us too soon. Only left with me is the nostalgic feel of the moments he had eating. Today Ma Mon Luk still stands but only with 2 branches left (Quezon Avenue and Quiapo), which I can't confirm in my memory that I also tried those branches, what matters most is the taste and experience that will bring back memories. 

Ma Mon Luk has endured the test of time and also the changes in society. With the ever changing Pinoy lifestyle that indulges now on fast food and quick fixes, Ma Mon Luk reminds and takes us back to the good ol' days of dinning out to simple Chinese cuisine which also bears more nostalgic memories.

The restaurant itself has not changed and the tables and chairs were like the ones back in the days (and definitely older). But there is no eerie feel that the building is too old for dining, actually I find it very cozy.Ma Mon Luk started out in Binondo-Sta Cruz which is started as a small MaMi House that eventually grew with the number of its loyal patrons.

Of course their best sellers are the Siopao (P45, P60 for Asado Chicken and Salted Egg Variant) and Shomai (45). They also have their Orginal Ma Mon Luk Mami (P95 small, P105 large) and Ma Mon Luk Special Fried Rice (P120). Also a must try and our HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this Food Stop would be their Sweet and Sour Pork, which stay true with its tradition of serving authentic Chinese cuisine.   I also loved the Chicken Ala Ma Mon Luk, which is something really one of a kind yet very balanced mix of sweet and salty.

Mr. Sonny Dalay - worked for
 Ma Mon Luk for decades
even up to today
They also mentioned that there were a lot of celebrity sightings in the restaurant both young and veteran ones. As one of its wall testifies the number of famous personalities that have graced the humble restaurant which affirms the reputation of the restaurant to serve good food and great ambiance.  With some of its staff also shows how loyal they are to the service and craft of food service. So why not take a detour from all things new and go back in time with simple joys at Ma Mon Luk.
The plates and other utensils might
 be older than my father yet
still works like a charm

Chicken Ala Ma Mon Luk

Ma Mon Luk Special Fried Rice
Ma Mon Luk Mami

Sweet and Sour Pork
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