FOOD STOPS: Johnny Rockets

I and other bloggers were brought back to the fifties and had a suede party with all-american goodness of burger, chicken and fries at Johnny Rockets

And it was more that just good food that make this joint a blast from the past. The establishment itself has this feel of the fifties with its interiors like wide white walls with pictures of painted advertisements, vinyl seats and even a working jukebox!

What is more interesting about Johnny Rockets is their staff which also wears fifties inspired outfits and even wears rare coin dispensers which provides change to customers (and probably for the jukebox). But the fun does not stops there because at regular intervals within the day, the crew also provides entertainment by dancing to the tune of old hits.  It really attracts attention even to people outside, just like a flash mob in a mall.

Now going back to their menu, they do boast of their all American cuisine that has been true with the taste and nostalgia of the 1950 (though I never loved before that time, probably my past life :-P ). They have (big) burgers that I say have great buns which are not not too soft or too hard which is the biggest taste factor for me in burgers. 

They also offer fries and drinks (and with option to go unlimited on selected hours) which goes well with the burger. Our highly recommended for this stop is the American Fried Chicken which is stays with the original good ol' fashioned crispiness and juiciness which reminds you of home cooking.

It is indeed a great place to escape from the modern busy 21st century and truly enjoy your food like you should. Their branches in Tomas Morato, Burgos Circle and Eastwood Mall are open 24 hours so you can make that escape anytime of the day.

Like Johnny Rockets on Facebook and follow them on twitter and for complete news and details you can also check out the Johnny Rockets Website  ! 


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