FOOD NEWS: New Figaro Now Open at World Citi Medical Center

Figaro now expands it reach to more customers especially at World Citi Medical Center in Aroura Boulevard, Anonas Quezon City (Near LRT 2 Anonas Station). A strategic place with a lot of traffic from medical staff, students, patients and visitors. As there is a need for a place to relax from the stressful atmosphere of the Hospital and College (World Citi Colleges), Figaro provides an oasis to enjoy the rest of the day and take a bite or two with Figaro's newest treat the Malungay Pandesal which comes in two variants: Asado and Tuna. It was my first time to taste the pandesal which is a fuses the goodness of pandesal and the taste of tuna/asado with the nutrients of malunggay.

On its opening day, there is a great reception of customers particularly medical practitioners who are on break. You can also celebrate with its opening with their promo. Buy two drinks and get another one for free.  Store hours are from 7 am to 7 pm daily. For more information you can check out the official Figaro Coffee Company facebook page.


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