FOOD NEWS: Hennessy Artistry

The philosophy behind the Hennessy Artistry is “The Global Art of Mixing”; the mixing of various genres of music and the blending of top talents and emerging artistes. Combining the acts with spectacular ambience and energy, an extraordinary experience is created. This showcases Hennessy’s art of blending in both cognac and music, by combining tradition with trendy innovation.

This multicultural and vibrant series had already left waves of sonic fusions across the largest continents and over 40 countries from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Taipei , Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, to Germany, Poland. Moscow and South Africa; becoming the international trend setter of music and style.  

The charm of art lies in its perpetual stream of innovation and Hennessy Artistry Halo is always striving to bring brand new content, new experiences. Hennessy VSOP is the product of a gradual blend of over 60 eaux-de-vie taken from the four leading vineyards in the Cognac 

region, remarkably blended, just as the Hennessy Artistry’s “Global Art of Mixing” is constantly challenging the boundaries of imagination, making “mixing” the ultimate manifestation of music.

Brand Essence: Dare to pursue your dream; This is me, Hennessy VSOP!

The emerging middle-class has become the shaping force behind the mainstreams of our urban society, leading the trend of today's consumerism. Work hard, play hard, and socialize is the modern lifestyle and they crave comfort, strive for innovation and creativity. Hennessy VSOP caters to the contemporary lifestyle of the new generation in taste and prestige, giving Hennessy a confident, bold and high-end brand image. “Dare to pursue your dream, this is me” is Hennessy’s brand philosophy and the new generation’s attitude towards life.


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