Fud Fyt is Sooo Pinoy!

Its indeed obvious that I am in love with Food, especially Pinoy Cuisine. This made me explore uncharted places and flavors the city and the provinces have. I grew up in a bakery and my family hails from the Ilocos region and Batangas which made me experience a lot of exciting dishes from the provinces. And now as I also travel on my own I also make it a point to try something new and document it. I also love to cook and experiment with different spices and techniques which hopefully I would have a kitchen of my dreams to whip up something new yet delicious.

These are the reasons why Fud Fyt was born, to cater to my need of expressing my thoughts on my favorite subject (and hobby). Building up a huge portfolio of food items and reviews and also recipes I made. Though I have tried and reviewed many world cuisines, I always love to taste and share Pinoy delicacies. These are also the reasons why I want to be the Ultimate Food Blogger for Sooo Pinoy

Honestly I have not been to places outside Luzon (and have never rode a plane, ever), so it would be a great opportunity for me to be part of this. Not only that I feature food but also the rich history and culture that tell stories which also highlights the origin and cultural connection with the food. Traveling and Adventure always come with every food experience. By the way, speaking of adventure, I also do experiments in my Food Lab section. 

Hopefully I would like to have my own restaurant in the future, or probably a bakery in which our lineage  came from. And sharing it to the Philippines and to the rest of the world, would be something that I can be proud of as a food blogger. Food Trip is always a battle that's why this is Fud Fyt


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