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Taste The World: Appetite Magazine Resataurant Festival

APPETITE Magazine will be celebrating its anniversary this October. In line with this, they will be holding their yearly event, Appetite Restaurant Festival, which they will launch at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall on October 13, 2011. You would be also be interested about their promos on Facebook right now. 

Get Ready to taste the world!

FOOD STOPS: Old Vine Grille

Under the chain of fine dinning restaurants like Uncle Cheffy's, Chef's Quartier and many more, Old Vine Grille is another one of a kind restaurant with a ambiance and food both amazing yet at a reasonable price. Located at Eastwood Mall, the reatuarant looks like a wide wine cellar with vines crawling gving it a feel of a country dinning.

FOOD STOPS: Bon Appetea

The era of Milk teas has begun this year as many milk tea companies are now gaining popularity to the public and now multiplying.We came across this new yet unique establishment offering great tea concoctions at a very affordable price! Bon AppeTEA!

New Generation Teas with Bon AppeTea The milk tea craze certainly continues to hit the Philippines. And with such a popular product, continued innovation is a must. This is where newly opened Bon AppeTEA excels with its luscious milk tea products. Barely a month after owner Mr. Tom Pestano started its humble milk tea express bar in the ground floor of Strata 2000 building in Ortigas, Bon AppeTEA has already gained a big market following for its attractive orange stall and interestingly-named beverage concoctions.  The name is a play of words combining ‘bon appetite’ which means ‘good appetite,’ and its main product -  the Milk TEA.’

FOOD NEWS:I demolished the TOWER BURGER at KFC!

I love eating challenges and for today, I challenge to demolish the KFC Tower Burger with members of Did I prevail? Or did I gave up? Watch the video and See!

FOOD NEWS: Benmore Scotch Whisky

Ben More Four Casks Scotch Whisky

A Sotch wisky of rare distiction.
Ben More Four Casks Scotch Whisky is the newest whisky that is produced and distilled in Scotland. It is a delux Scotch wisky which puts attention to details . It is matured in four different types of oak casks to achieve depth and complexity to match the standards of whisky drinkers, to give harmony between mellow tastes and scotch aroma, including malt and peat aroma with the hint of smokiness and most importantl, to give you a smoother Scotch Whisky experience.

FOOD STOPS: Bon Chon Chicken

The best chicken in America (as per the New York Times, GQ, and Esquire) -- now in Manila!

This made me interested to try BON CHON chicken now growing in number of stores and patrons Originally from the US but with a unique flavor made from Korea makes it a great east meets west inspiration and the product is a one of its kind.  On a fun afternoon food bloggers went to Bon Chon's first branch in Ayala Triangles and had a taste of their best sellers and get to experience the new chicken many are raving about even in the US.

FOOD NEWS: Vote and Win an iPad 2 with San Marino!

ITS 100 days before CHRISTMAS! GET THE CHANCE TO WIN iPAD 2. By Voting for yo uc choice of the best love story on the videos below
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FOOD STOPS: Berting's Grill


FOOD NEWS: Figaro's Banana Berry Delight and Raspberry Mint Latte


FOOD STOPS: Al Fakhr's

Go on a persian food trip at Maginhawa street where you can find a unique restaurant serving this arabic cuisine with a touch of pinoy taste. Al fakhr's is orginally owned by Jim Paredes' brother, now with a new management, it still offers that fine Persian menu with things that will make you come back for more.

Located in Maginhawa street in UP Village, where there are also a number of establishments offering different kinds of cuisine. Al Fakhr's is the only one of its kind. Plus the fact that name is indeed catchy.