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Yellow Cab Celebrates 10 years of Great Pizza

We loved Yellow Cab Pizza since it came here to our shore 10 years ago and we still love the for their great tasting pizza which is worth its value. And now as it celebrates 10 years of providing delicious pizza that is gaining popularity with yuppies especially the people in the call center industry. 

We tried several of their best sellers and our Highly recommended award goes to The Dear Darla Pizza which is still one of the most unique way to eat pizza and also enjoy eating your greens. You can also get the complete list of their menu here. Among its What is the secret in having this flavor that everyone is hooked to? Its the fresh ingredients that they incoporated with every menu especially when it comes to dairy products. 

In its decade of operation Yellow Cab Pizza partnered with Fonterra Brands (Makers of Anchor and Anlene Milk) to be its supplier of Gourmet Cream and Cheeses. Imported and Fresh from New Zealand, these dairy products go through quality inspection and processes which ensures each product to be top of the line and world class. Also with fresh ingredients like vegetables, pasta, etc and a very ergonomic and efficient workplace makes pizza faster that the usual without compromising the quality.

The Yellow Cab and Fonterra Team
How did I say that the workplace was efficient and ergonomic, it because Yellow Cab gave us the chance to make our own pizza and tried it on site. From decorating our pizza dough to cooking and even packing! (video will be posted soon!) Though our pizza it might not be perfect, probabaly with a little practice we can also make those quality pizza they serve! Also we were given a quick lecture about cheeses and how each cheese has its unique property and makes it very tasty.

They also have an ongoing contest called Vesparade wherein you can win one of the five Vespa scooters, where Yellow Cab is known for, with distictive colors representing Yellow Cab. Here are the mechanics!


1. Promo is open to all Yellow Cab Pizza Co customers in the Philippines from July 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011.

2. Every single-receipt purchase worth at least Php500 which includes any Coca-Cola product for dine in, take out and delivery transaction during the promo period will be entitled to one raffle coupon for a chance to win any one (1) of ten (10) vintage scooter units to be given away in three (3) monthly draws.

3. Customer shall completely fill up the raffle coupon with his/her name, address, telephone number and affix his/ her signature and drop entries in drop boxes located inside Yellow Cab branches.

4. Draws are scheduled on the following predetermined dates to be held at Yellow Cab Food Corp. Central Office and will be witnessed by a DTI representative.

So if you want quality, delicious pizza and more call Yellow Cab with their easy to remember number  789-9999!


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