FOOD STOPS: Banapple

Connecticut, San Juan

Though there is no such thing as a Banapple, it has become a brand that people would go to to enjoy quality and hearty meals and gets customers coming back for more. I first knew Banapple as a pastry shop and nothing else. But I was impressed by the fact that they also offer meals. And when I say meal it is a full meal, you won't be disappointed. 

I tried their best seller Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs. The serving of the rice itself is perfect for rice loving foodies, like me. The meat is cooked just right with a sweet sauce that blends perfectly to the juicy ribs. It reminded me of lechon with sarsa which I think made it a hit with their patrons. The vegetable side dish gives the meal its balance. 
Of course, I've also tried their cakes. Being a chocolate person, I ventured to try another best seller, the Blueberry Cheese cake. Aside from the cool plate presentation, one thing I noticed is the perfect blend of the cheese and the blueberry itself. The cheese base is just right not to overpower the blueberry which brings out its fruity flavor. Makes you want to savor every bite perfect when just chilling out or reading a book.
It was lunch time when we dined and I was amazed when a lot of customers keep pouring in to the shop for their lunch. It looked like a blockbuster with customers ranging from people from Greenhills and even La Salle. And even its not in the Greenhills Shopping Center Area, people would go the effort to go a little further to Connecticut street.
They also have other best sellers like the Breaded Fillet Cream of Dory with Honey Thyme Mustard Sauce, and the Classic Pecan Pie. Which I would say is also a Highly Recommended contender. You may also check more dishes at their website and check on the list of pastries and meals.
And no doubt for this stops Highly Recommended is the Blueberry Cheese cake for its flavor and unique texture. Knowing cheeses, finding the right consistency and flavor of cheese that blends with another flavor is a challenge but Banapple was able to perfect this and would definitely have another slice for lazy days that I would have in the future.


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