FOOD NEWS: Official Statement of Figaro Coffee Company

Here is a statement of the Figaro Coffee company regarding issues with PAGCOR:

The Figaro Coffee Systems, Inc. has nothing to do with whatever dealings or transactions the Promolabels Specialty Shop may have had with Pagcor from 2001 to 2009.

The relationship between Figaro and Promolabels was purely that of Franchisor-Franchisee contractual tie. As Franchisor, Figaro allowed Promolabels to use its tradename and put up and operate Figaro stores in locations chosen solely by Promolabels. Incidentally, Promolabels severed its contractual relationship with Figaro in February 2009.

Under the new set of officers that took over management in 2009, Figaro practices proper corporate governance, conforms to government rules/regulations and does not allow Figaro’s name to be involved in anomalous undertakings. At present, Figaro is seriously engaged in creating new merchandise made of purely Filipino goods/products and in promoting coffee and tea products that are grown domestically by Filipino farmers.