Food News: The Best in Food Delivery Just Got Better

In the past decades, Pizza Hut has revolutionized the food service industry, not only in the Philippines, but also worldwide. Identified as the world’s number one pizza chain, Pizza Hut has definitely made the art of creating great tasting pizza their master piece, as well as their other signature products. Their mouth-watering pan pizza has definitely made a mark on pop culture, creating a direct connection to Pizza Hut once you think about pizza. In the Philippines, Pizza Hut has been the preferred pizza restaurant for the last 27 years consumers.

After establishing the first delivery service in the Philippines in 1989, Pizza Hut has never looked back and has continued to pave new ways to improve on their services. In a statement by VP for Marketing, Ms. Elaine Guzman, she said that “Pizza Hut was the first to offer food delivery in the Philippines in 1989. After a year of initiating our delivery service, we were forced to expand further because of the demand of our customers. Even after other food establishments offered delivery, we still acquired the highest delivery volume in 1991. And as the years went by, we continued to improve our service from our launching of the 911-1111 delivery hotline in 1997 to the Hot and On Time delivery in 2004”. Backed by their Best in Delivery awards in 2001, by Philippine Star, and in 2005, by the Philippine Marketing Excellence Award, Pizza Hut’s pioneering moves in food service delivery has definitely made them the very best in the Philippines.

Pizza Hut’s journey for excellence in food service delivery has never stopped; despite being recognized already as the very best, they have continued to innovate and improve. In 2006 alone, Pizza Hut introduced two innovations in food delivery, the oven pouch and “Hate Late?” delivery. After 27 years of bringing great tasting pizza to the homes of their customers, Pizza Hut is once again improving on their craft with their new Hot on the Dot delivery.

Guaranteed hot and on time, Pizza Hut launched their new and improved delivery with their Hot on the Dot campaign. Pizza Hut’s Hot on the Dot revolutionary delivery service takes pride in delivering oven hot and fresh Pizza Hut products to your door step within 30 minutes. According to Ms. Elaine Guzman “the launching of the Hot on the Dot delivery of Pizza Hut is a testament to our commitment to delivery and food service excellence; we want our customers to enjoy the same quality of the products that we serve in our restaurants, oven hot and fresh.”

Pizza Hut’s Hot on the Dot guarantees that the pizza is delivered hot, which can be proven by placing the Hot Dot sticker on the food container. Imported directly from the United States, the Hot Dot is equipped with thermal sensing abilities, which allows the sticker’s color to change from black to grey, with “Hot” printed in bold red, once it is placed on a hot surface. With this new sticker introduced by Pizza Hut, they are not only assuring delivery within 30 minutes, but also hot and fresh products delivered to you, or your order is free.
The Hot on the Dot delivery was experienced by selected media publications, courtesy of Pizza Hut. Visiting various media publications, Pizza Hut brought their world famous veggie lovers and super supreme pan pizzas for afternoon snacks as a treat for the media publication. Taking time from their busy schedules, writers and editors from the visited media publications experienced applying the Hot Dot on the pizza boxes.

After media publications, bloggers were next on the list Pizza Hut’s Hot on the Dot campaign. Bloggers were treated to a free block screening of Cowboys versus Aliens at Gateway Cineplex last August 10, 2011. Attendees of the said event started the night of with cocktails, courtesy of Pizza Hut, which was then followed by free popcorn and pizza while they were enjoying the movie. It was also in this bloggers’ event that Pizza Hut’s dancing delivery riders, were seen dancing for the first time. Executing complicated dance moves, the Pizza Hut dancing riders wowed the crowd with their synchronized movements.

Aside from selected media publications and bloggers, Pizza Hut also went the extra mile by visiting orphaned children and treating them to Pizza Hut’s mouth-watering signature dishes last August 16, 2011. The children from Asociacion de Damas Filipinas spent their morning enjoying the program made by Pizza Hut, which was attended by marketing officer, area managers, and delivery riders. The program prepared for the children definitely started the day with a high note, which included a “Stick the Hot Dot” game, a dance competition among the delivery riders, and a pizza party. The pizza party was highlighted by a heart-warming moment wherein Pizza Hut’s vice president for marketing, Ms. Elaine Guzman, was seen feeding some children; an act that revealed Pizza Hut’s sincerity in making the children’s lives better.

More and more people are experiencing the Hot on the Dot delivery, so don’t get left behind. Great tasting pizza is just at your fingertips, call the Pizza Hut delivery hotline 911-1111 or visit to order online to enjoy the world famous pan pizza and other Pizza Hut signature products; and have your orders delivered hot and on time, but be careful because its’ oven hot. Remember, if it’s fresh, hot and on time then it must be Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut is home to the country’s Pinaka-Pizza, serving awesome food with fast and friendly service. For more awesome dishes, check out Pizza Hut’s website at or be a fan of Pizza Hut on Facebook.


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