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This Sunday, ‘Ang Pinaka’ brings part four of its month-long Christmas specials with a countdown of the most popular Christmas food in ‘Ang Pinaka: Classic Pinoy Christmas Food.’ With host Rovilson Fernandez are guest panelistas: Yvette Tan, Food writer, Chef Edward Bugia, Chef/Owner, Pino,Pipino, Brgy. Bagnet, Burger Project and Chef Sandy Daza, Cooking Show Host/Cookbook author/Foodie/Food Columnist, Phil. Daily Inquirer and his pop-up komentaristas Maey and Betong. Find out the Top 10 “Ang Pinaka: Classic Pinoy Christmas Food,” this Sunday, December 18, 6:20 PM on GMA News TV Channel 11.

Food News: The Best in Food Delivery Just Got Better

In the past decades, Pizza Hut has revolutionized the food service industry, not only in the Philippines, but also worldwide. Identified as the world’s number one pizza chain, Pizza Hut has definitely made the art of creating great tasting pizza their master piece, as well as their other signature products. Their mouth-watering pan pizza has definitely made a mark on pop culture, creating a direct connection to Pizza Hut once you think about pizza. In the Philippines, Pizza Hut has been the preferred pizza restaurant for the last 27 years consumers.

FOOD NEWS: Yellow Cab Pizza

Yellow Cab Celebrates 10 years of Great Pizza

We loved Yellow Cab Pizza since it came here to our shore 10 years ago and we still love the for their great tasting pizza which is worth its value. And now as it celebrates 10 years of providing delicious pizza that is gaining popularity with yuppies especially the people in the call center industry. 

FOOD STOPS: Marina Restaurant

Marina Restaurant
I am not really Illongo but of course when it comes to food there is no regional exclusiveness. And so far I am really interested about knowing more about the Illongo cusine aside from just La Paz batchoy. Marina restaurant which came from that region originally  is emerging as the place for dining especially for seafood, more particularly osyters! I was invited to have this food trip that was a mix of sea foods and meat favorites like chicken and beef. But I really have to raise a golden spoon for how good those oysters can be! 
I actually came from another food event but saved some space for this since this is one my anticipated chance to taste this freshly flung seafood from Panay-Negros region. 

Food News: “Plates of the Caribbean” sets sail at Fish and Co.

Journey through the colorful culinary vistas of the Caribbean and savor the diverse and delicious flavors of its cuisine as Fish & Co. introduces Plates of the Caribbean.
This surf and turf feast features dishes using staple ingredients central to the islands and cooking styles that result in rich and creative entrees. It captures the richness of land and the freshness of the sea. Partake of these new offerings from now until November 30, 2011.
The launch of the restaurant’s new dishes is part of Fish and Co.’s ongoing campaign of adding a variety of choices in its menu, a successful strategy that has reeled in both seafood and meat lovers. “Fish and Co is widely popular for its Fish & Chips and other seafood fare; but we have much more than these. We have expanded our offerings to include more meat dishes. Our Fish & Ribs selection which we launched early this year was very well-accepted by our guests. And so it inspired us to come up with “Plates of the Caribbean” which…

FOOD STOPS: Banapple

Banapple Connecticut, San Juan
Though there is no such thing as aBanapple, it has become a brand that people would go to to enjoy quality and hearty meals and gets customers coming back for more. I first knew Banapple as a pastry shop and nothing else. But I was impressed by the fact that they also offer meals. And when I say meal it is a full meal, you won't be disappointed.

FOOD NEWS: Official Statement of Figaro Coffee Company

Here is a statement of the Figaro Coffee company regarding issues with PAGCOR:

The Figaro Coffee Systems, Inc. has nothing to do with whatever dealings or transactions the Promolabels Specialty Shop may have had with Pagcor from 2001 to 2009.