FOOD STOPS: Healthy Herbal Teas and New Coffee Variants by FIGARO

Figaro Emerald
Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig

Figaro Coffee Company has launched a new sets of drinks that can help fight sickness and also satisfy your cravings for great coffee and tea. Now available in Figaro Stores!

Tea Your Blues Away With Figaro's Herbal Blends!
Introducing Figaro Herbal Blends! More than just coffee. Figaro Coffee company now offers herbal blends infused with herbs and fruits to soothe youre senses this season. If the extreme weather conditions these days make it easy for you to catch a cold or other diseases and your usual coffee beverage just won't suit your needs to be rejuvinated, Figaro introduces four indigenous and original herbal blends: Sambong, Lagundi, Banaba, and Pito-pito with distinct charcteristics to relive you from all stress and diseases.

Figaro Sambong Blend is a hot cup of tea infused with basil and lemong believed to be a diuretic agent effective in dissolving kidney stones. Sambong leaves and roots when dried and made into tea is popular among elders who seek herbal medicines to treat colds, sinuses and migranes. The aroma of Sambong Blend infused with fragarant basil and the tanginess of lemong creates a relaxing and sooothing experience with a distinct common juice tatse you'd surely enjoy.

Figaro Lagundi Blend is a cup of hot tea infused with mint and orange believed to be a effective treatment for common cough, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and pharyngitis. The mix of orange and mint to the dried lagundi leaves creates a refreshing anc comforting experience from any person who need healing from cough after a rough day at the office. 'Don't let the cough make you rough. The minty and fruity taste of Lagundi will give you that extra energy to accomplish your tasks for the day.

Figaro Banaba Blend is a hot cup of tea infussed with tarragon, anise and grapes belived to have a cleansing abilities that aides in lowering blood and sugar level of people with diabetes. The dried leaves and roots of Banaba are also used by our elders in treating kidney stones and wounds especially those who have gone surgery. Tarragon has an aroma relatively similar to anise popular in French cooking and proven to have the presence of estragole, a known carcinogen beneficial to a recuperating body. The sweet spice of Tarragon and anise with the fruity grapes in dried Banaba leaves create a perfect taste to cap off that exhausting day.

Figaro Pito-pito Blend is a hot cup of tea infused with Dili and Mango believed to be the cure for almost all ailments after it was invented by the late Ernie Baron. The combination of seven dried herbs and plants: alagaw, banaba,bayabas, pandan, and mangga with a half teaspoon each of anise and cilantro became a distinct popular Filipino herbal medicine claimed by Ernie Baron and his followers to be a great aide for metabolism and cure for almost all common diseases. With no documented major side effects of the said herbal blend, Pito-pito had become a homegrown remedy of the old and the young to all types of diseases. The blend of Dili, a popular spice to caraway and believd to soothe the stomach after meals with the sweetness of Mango creates an explosion of flavors to heal and comfort you this season.

Try the new herbal blends at Figaro Coffee Company now serving you more than just coffee! Have a sip of Sambong, Lagundi, Banaba and Pito-pito Blends at your nearest Figaro branch today because Figaro, the first Filipino Coffee company knows what you need this season. At Figaro, we know what the rough weather can do for you and we're proud as a Filipino to patronize herbal teas truly made by the Filipino for the Filipino. Tea you bles away with Figaro's Herbal Blends today!
With the new tea blends from Figaro, there are also a new line up with its coffee. presenting 4 new variants of coffee that are also close to the heart of Filipinos and has a new, bold and distinct taste coffee lovers can't get enough!


Cafe Maharlika
Premium arabica beans, perfectly roasted for thst smooth and remarkable flavor in every cup.

Barako Gold
Exotic, a rare flavour with extra bold tatse.

Cafe Vigoroso
Special blend of coffee beans rosted to perfection to keep you going all day long

Monte Alto
A mild blend of coffee foe complex distinctive flavor that will let yo crave for more. 


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