FOOD LAB: Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy

Another special feature we have for food lab is the institutions that make great food and all of the works. Culinary schools became the new career trend for many Pinoys to find a better job opportunity overseas. However, this profession would take a lot of dedication, time and also the budget to be a top of a line culinary artist. However, there is now an institution that is making waves with food prowess in local and international competitions with world class high technology facilities and run by renowned chefs of the country yet very budget friendly that  gives hope to every juan to be the next legendary chef.
Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy, founded in 2007 is far younger that its competitors but have achieved a lot in terms of winning competitions, the latest which was held in HongKong Food Expo 2011, where they bagged 2 gold medals. And with world class facilities but of a fraction of a price than the others.
Spacious and clean workstation
• 100% Chef owned and operated school
• Individual learning (Lab and Kitchen work)
• Affordable prices
• Internationally educated and accomplished faculty
• Multiple locations in the Metro
Master chefs in the making.

Taste so good as it looks!

Much of Global’s success is due to the evident commitment and dedication of its team to imparting the values that build successful professionals: The “PRICE” of success as it is known within our walls is also the foundation wherein future professionals are groomed. They are:

P - Passion
R - Reliability
I - Integrity
C - Commitment
E - Excellence

LCD monitors for a better view on what's cooking

They got their own football team!
The Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy believes that professional culinary dreams do come true when dedicated students come in partnership with a committed school.


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