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FOOD NEWS: GSM Blueniversity Enrollment Ongoing!

Its June, and its enrollment. Its the time of the year again where students everywhere in the country are rushing to fall in line and pay for their tuition, where students immidiately conjuring up images of terror professors and boring classes to endure, and where students are waving goodbye to a glorious summer. That's right, schools about to start, doesn't mean the fun has to end.
From the makers of GSM Blue, the drink that's incredibly smooth and light, holds this year's GSM Blueniversity, a hands-on and fun filled program and workshop that teaches anyone how to mix drinks and flair-tend like a pro in a liesurely environment. That's right because school has started, dosen't mean you can't have any fun learning.

FOOD LAB:Pompano Fish Sweet Honey Adobo with Tofu

Pompano Fish Sweet Honey Adobo with Tofu I Have another Pompano fish recipe that I tried to make after my first recipe (Pompano fish curry in garlic and cinnamon) ,  For those still not familiar with the Pompano fish, here it is shown below..

FOOD LAB: Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy

Another special feature we have for food lab is the institutions that make great food and all of the works. Culinary schools became the new career trend for many Pinoys to find a better job opportunity overseas. However, this profession would take a lot of dedication, time and also the budget to be a top of a line culinary artist. However, there is now an institution that is making waves with food prowess in local and international competitions with world class high technology facilities and run by renowned chefs of the country yet very budget friendly that  gives hope to every juan to be the next legendary chef.

Food Stops:Carol's Texan 5 offers the best chicken and ribs this side of Manila

Craving for great ribs? I am! And here at Food Stops, I'm intrigued and would like to take a bite at Carol's Texan 5 menu! Though there are a lot of restaurants that serve ribs but there is a difference when its Texan style. Yes, that is what cowboys eat, the southern folks of the US where they serve big and tasty meals. Luckily they are planning to have a blogger's buffet.

Why would I like to be part of the first Bloggers Buffet?

I am very interested to taste Carol's 5 unique menu that made my mouth water even with just images. Of course we will feature this one on Food Stops with the review of our highly recommended dishes that I always do for every restaurant I visit. Its also time for fud fyt for more post about American cuisine especially Texan. Plus I'm also interested to see the store itself at it is also near our place in Manila (Sta Mesa), which is a promising food stop place for me and my friends.