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FOOD LAB: Pompano Fish Curry in Garlic and Cinnamon

Pompano Fish Curry in Garlic and Cinnamon Just like I promised I will make a fish recipe after being inspired at the I LOVE FISH video contest awarding night showcasing different fish dishes. Now its time to make my own. Well from the title itself it looks really complicated, and did the combination of garlic and cinnamon surprize you? Well find out as we go and prepare another successful experiment of Food Lab only here at FudFyt! And aside from the dish itself the fish we will use is Pompano, a wide yet very tasty fish distributed by FISHTA Seafoods. The Ingredients

1 whole Pompano Fish (Cleaned and sliced a vertically into 4 parts)OilwaterMargarineSaltPepper1 can evaporated milkCurry powderCinnamon powderDried garlic flakesProcedure: After cleaning and slicing the fish into four parts, rub salt unto fish to infuse flavorHeat oil and fry fish but do not deep fry.
Remove fish from heat and set aside To prepare sauce, boil 2 cups of water and add pepper, salt, and milk. simmer for 2 minutes…

Winners of the 'I Love Fish video contest' Awarded by FISHTA Seafoods

Cooking is indeed a passion of many Filipinos which is also reflected in our culture. In a archepelago surrounded by rich waters filled with marine life, gives us a lot of reasons to come up with exciting fish dishes. FISHTA Seafoods, a division of Santeh Feeds and also a provider of fresh seafood to leading supermarkets in the Metro sees this riches of our seas and our passion for cooking and that is why they launched the "I LOVE FISH VIDEO CONTEST", an online competition for food lovers who wants to showcase their cooking prowess and creativity. The contest is not limited to just one variety of fish which give liberty for the participants to use different kinds of fishes to come up with their unique dish.

The mechanics were posted at of the videos are uploaded to the I love fish Youtube channel for everyone to see and also for those who wants to try the dishes for themselves.  There were a lot of amazing videos on how fish dishes were prepared, thou…

FOOD STOPS: Cerealicious

Cereals are one of my favorite breakfast treats and today it is not exclusively eaten in the morning. The fun is, you can be very creative and thematic for your bowl of this breakfast treat. With new shows and movies showing on movie houses, wouldn't be great to make it as your food adventure? Cerealicious is the only one of its kind to provide these sweet pleasures plus more! Unlike we got used to, we only have either one kind of cereal plus milk, which we just normally eat. But cerealicious made this experience more exciting by mixing and matching different cereals, fruits and even snacks like M&M's  and wafer sticks. To make things more interesting they also made themes based on movies foe example, I got the Hurt Loacker which is a mix of M&Ms, Loacker wafer and  syrup. 


Figaro never fails to surprize us as it is not just your ordinary coffee store but also a place where you can dine and enjoy your time. Plus they also have wifi for those who loves to stay connected. Now we have stopped by another Figaro store (Shangri La Plaza, 3rd floor) for new meals that they offer. These are the SPOON MEALS by Figaro.
For this offer they have two variants available and each is paired with a drink of your choice, either iced or brewed coffee or iced tea. The first is the CHICKEN THYME IN CREAMY CHEESE SAUCE (Php 215). Served with buttered corn and carrots and rice. These semi-bite sized portions are really packed with delicious chicken with the thyme just right to bring out the flavor. The creamy cheese  adds flair to the dish as it neutralizes the solid chicken texture. More than a plateful of colors, it serves a very full meal. Now next is CHICKEN ALA KING (Php 215) made from diced chicken in special creamy sauce with vegetables served with buttered corn and carro…


Tapella Greenbelt 5
The Food Stops now takes you on a Spanish journey to TAPELLA restaurant located in Greenbelt 5. We were invited for a cooking demonstration by Executive Chef Alexandra Cacho. Although we Filipinos have been infused with Spanish cusine, it would be great to experience the authentic Spanish dishes. Chef Alexandra came from Spain but she has been here for quite some time that she can incorporate Filipino words with her cooking. Tapella actually came from Tapas and Paella, two of the most known Spanish dishes and the restaurant's specialty.  The Philippines have known Spanish dishes and have also integrated into the culture. However the authentic Spanish taste is also hard to define because in Spain there is also a wide diversity of cuisine that are exclusively in their region. TAPELLA is considered Gaudi.  Perfectly paired with light punch of Sangria or their quality Wines makes the experience unforgettable. It was also my first time to taste their garlic cold soup w…