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FOOD STOPS: Californiaberry

At first it sounds like a song from Katy Perry, but its more delicious and more tasty because its is frozen yogurt! A healthier alternative to ice cream that have more fats and calories not fit for everyday consumption. Soft serve yogurt is getting popular these days but Californiaberry actually has something more to offer than other similar stores.

Californiaberry Introduces New Menu Gorge on the good stuffs at Californiaberry known for its certified 100% non-fat froyo serving only the freshest and healthiest treats, as it introduces new menu selections.
Capitalizing on healthy chows and healthy lifestyle frenzy, Californiaberry has also worked up lip smacking CB Yogurt Fruit Blends for only Php120, an addition to its latest non-fat menu. Combining real whole fruits and tasty yogurt, this is another refreshingly healthy rev up treat. Introducing banana rama, a tangy-sweet triple combination of kiwi, mango, and banana rich in potassium, fiber, and vitamin c. While doub…