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FOOD LAB: Sunnex Presents Chef Mitchies Cookware

Here at Food Lab we also value the importance of quality cookware in making  cooking and eating more enjoyable and healthy. And with these tools we can come up with the best cooking and dinning experience for all of us to enjoy! Today we feature a new cookware line up by chef Mitchie Sison, who was part of the cooking show barkada ka-toque.
Chef Mitchie confesses that she came from a family that loves to cook and eat. While both her dad and mom did not have any culinary background (her father is an engineer and her mother is a psychology graduate), they were both enamored with the world of cuisine. They created the original tapsilog concept.

Unable to find a good restaurant that serves homey meals, the Sison couple started their own restaurant and in the process of serving tapa, sinangag and itlog to hungry patrons, the sinangag was born.  The Sison’s business grew and for some time, they were managing five branches all over the metro. However, when Chef Mitchie’s parents retired in 20…

Angel's Pizza Lenten Specials!

Its already lent and Angel's Pizza offers seafood alternative thats still  brings satisfaction even during the Lenten season. Try pizzas such as Shrimp Pesto, Tuna Pesto and new products such as Pizza in a dough and Calzone with Tuna Pesto!