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Goodfellas, Mafia Dining in the City!

Metro Manila is a big Mafia City with a lot of huslin' and bustlin' people. And for many who considers themselves the 'mafia' can rely on a joint in Quezon city that can satisfy their craving for a dining experience and even have a lot of fun. It is Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers, located at K1st street and T. Gener near Kamuning Ave.
Potato Chips (120) Goodfellas offers american cuisine with the touch of Italian influence which Godfather likes. The restaurant just opened last year and its location is perfect for a quiet yet fun ambiance that even celebreties like AJ Dee would be spotted dinning at Goodfellas. 

Flamingo Wings (P220 solo, P395 to share) House Steak (P345)

Their specialty is their exclusive lunch meals that were named with famous mafia men in history namely...
Sammy “The Bull” Gravano (P185) Pollo “Chicken” Rackettes (P185)

And interestingly enough, they also serve interesting treats for dessert like Mount Everest (P325), which is a towering ice cream parad…