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During Christmas time the thing we love to do on this celebration is... EAT. Its already a given and the challenge to food lovers is to enjoy the art of eating by devising new flavors but of the same Christmas spirit. And what I always want to "cook" are Graham cakes because (1) they are easy to prepare and (2) you don't need a oven (but you need a refrigerator). And like what I said there should be twist for this year, and I made my own recipe which I called.... WHY NOT? CHOC NUT!
Now the ingredients:
1. 1 pack Graham Crackers
2. 2. packs 250ml All purpose cream
3. 1 can condensed milk
4. Powdered chocolate
5. Sugar
6. Marshmallows (the little cute sized ones were out of stock so I used the ones that look lie frech fries)
7. 1 pack (of the legendary) CHOC NUT!

Now for the steps:
1. place first layer with Graham Crackers on a pan. Then sprinkle some chocolate powder above it and also the gaps that were uncovered by the crackers.

2. With the Choc nut, crush them using you han…