Seattle Best Coffee Christmas Experience!

I am a late bloomer in terms of coffee shops and what they offer in each store. That is why one of the things that I would like to try is to experience being an actual barista. Though most coffee shops may have the the common elements, Seattle's Best Coffee has actually a lot to more to offer that meets the eye plus there is more!

They recently launched their Chistmas drink which is the cookies and mint which is available hot or cold (javakula) which is also in line with their promotion of getting a tumbler and a tote bag designed by Team Manila. All you need to do is fill up the card until you fill up all the spaces for the stickers and this limited edition item will be yours! Oh! Did I mentioned that the Christmas drink is a sure winner because of its unique taste of  peppermint and Oreo cookies! Too bad its a seasonal drink... but better enjoy it while it lasts!

I also got the chance to taste their breakfast meal which was really a very big meal that really gives you that fulfilled feel. Consisting of eggs, bacon, sausages and pancakes, its perfect combination with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Though American in origin, I did felt that it has this "pandesal and kape" (bread and coffee) feel, cozy yet simple.

Speaking of cozy, I also noticed how the store is set up, though the color red is dominant, it felt like its like having breakfast or lunch at home. Honestly speaking, the store design and layout is one of the things I noticed aside from the drinks and the food. 

 Here's one thing that is a first in my life... to be a barista! And yes, you heard it right, I got a chance to try to whip up a frappé which was the Cookies and Mint Javakula. With the help of one of the managers, Jayson, I was able to make a drink with ultimate perfection  (well except for calling the customer's name that is). So SBC has granted one of my life wishes and I am very greatful for that fun opportunity. Fellow bloggers also tried out to stir up a drink which they also succeeded. I was very nervous, yet the experience is definitely worth it!

Now one of the juciest part of this review on SBC is its endorsers, though not the superstars but more of world achievers to be exact. Well there is premiere model-turned-hunk actor and first celebrity sole survivor Akihiro Sato, beauty empire heiress Cristalle Belo, model and Animax VJ Stephanie Henares, celebrity daughter and stylist to the stars Alyanna Martinez, director Paul Soriano and International Publicist Joyce Ramirez (pictured above). They belonged to the top 10 customers of SBC who was very loyal of the brand for years. As Akihiro was named as the winner for Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition, it will be another pride to the store as these top customers are achieving more heights. 

Now, I appreciate coffee shops more now and looking forward to have another cup, especially a cookie and mint frappé!

Want to know more about SBC and thier products? Just visit for more information.


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