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Put McDonald's in Your Menu‏

It used to be that you can only blog using your desktop computer, or laptop…now you can also do it on your mobile phone! It’s the same way with McDonald's—order and pay for your food using your mobile phone. Just when you thought things couldn't get better, McDonald's comes up with something to make ordering…and paying much much easier! Learn more about this new and exciting service at then simply register at

And get this—there's no more minimum orders at McDelivery, only a fixed delivery charge of P40. Perfect!

You don't even need to have any money in your pocket to enjoy your McDonald's treat. Now that's definitely something worth blogging about!

Any order, McDonald's delivers.

Seattle Best Coffee Christmas Experience!

I am a late bloomer in terms of coffee shops and what they offer in each store. That is why one of the things that I would like to try is to experience being an actual barista. Though most coffee shops may have the the common elements, Seattle's Best Coffee has actually a lot to more to offer that meets the eye plus there is more!

They recently launched their Chistmas drink which is the cookies and mint which is available hot or cold (javakula) which is also in line with their promotion of getting a tumbler and a tote bag designed by Team Manila. All you need to do is fill up the card until you fill up all the spaces for the stickers and this limited edition item will be yours! Oh! Did I mentioned that the Christmas drink is a sure winner because of its unique taste of  peppermint and Oreo cookies! Too bad its a seasonal drink... but better enjoy it while it lasts!

I also got the chance to taste their breakfast meal which was really a very big meal that really gives you that fulfil…