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Tajimaya Yakiniku!

Wagyu is Love! It was my first time to taste the 'legendary' beef that was of great value and few have tasted. But what is more interesting is the restaurant that served this. Tajimaya Yakiniku, a japanese grill restaurant which have a elevated flooring to accomodate a smoke-less grill on each table.
This restaurant is very unique for its beef and other meat selections. They had a first branch years ago in Cebu, and just made a move to introduce it to the Metro. Located in the Mall of Asia's restaurant lane near San Miguel by the bay, its also a sight to see with the delicious grill fresh meat that made our mouth water!

Aside from the meat selections, they also have salads and appetizers that also deserves a golden spoon for it great and unique taste! Highly commended are the Caesar salad, the beans and kimchi servings! Not to mention the condiments of sweet, spicy and garlic pastes that brings out the flavor of each meat.

Learning to cook in the table grill was not that as …