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Put McDonald's in Your Menu‏

It used to be that you can only blog using your desktop computer, or laptop…now you can also do it on your mobile phone! It’s the same way with McDonald's—order and pay for your food using your mobile phone. Just when you thought things couldn't get better, McDonald's comes up with something to make ordering…and paying much much easier! Learn more about this new and exciting service at then simply register at

And get this—there's no more minimum orders at McDelivery, only a fixed delivery charge of P40. Perfect!

You don't even need to have any money in your pocket to enjoy your McDonald's treat. Now that's definitely something worth blogging about!

Any order, McDonald's delivers.

Seattle Best Coffee Christmas Experience!

I am a late bloomer in terms of coffee shops and what they offer in each store. That is why one of the things that I would like to try is to experience being an actual barista. Though most coffee shops may have the the common elements, Seattle's Best Coffee has actually a lot to more to offer that meets the eye plus there is more!

They recently launched their Chistmas drink which is the cookies and mint which is available hot or cold (javakula) which is also in line with their promotion of getting a tumbler and a tote bag designed by Team Manila. All you need to do is fill up the card until you fill up all the spaces for the stickers and this limited edition item will be yours! Oh! Did I mentioned that the Christmas drink is a sure winner because of its unique taste of  peppermint and Oreo cookies! Too bad its a seasonal drink... but better enjoy it while it lasts!

I also got the chance to taste their breakfast meal which was really a very big meal that really gives you that fulfil…

Lechon Pizza at Pizza Hut!

A very unique flavor that is close to the pinoy taste, also a lechon sarsa on the side and your good to go! Also you would like to join their online contest wherein you can win a lechon pizza! Join now!

Bubble Tea For You and Me!

Fudfyt is a big fan of Japanese food, it so obvious that almost the post here are of the japanese cuisine but of course it should have something very unique that one would take great interest and have a food trip at these establishments and for this post, we now look at Bubble Tea Restaurant! I have seen this store since I am a regular patron of SM Megamall wherein the first branch was opened. I was very curious about this resto but from afar it seems small to be a restaurant, but actually it was its unique feel, like its menu that offers the Japanese variety with a western twist.
I had the chance to try what they offer when I attended their bloggers' night at their branch in Tomas Morato. It was a food trip heaven, as each platter stimulates the eyes and also makes mouth water. The servings were very fulfilling with each bite. Even a gladiator foodie like me waved my white flag of defeat, but of blissful defeat. Perfect for small and large gatherings, you would really take the time…

Happy anniversary NOMNOM CLUB!

I want to greet nomnom club on its first anniversarry as one of the metro's food blog. They made a early celebration with a a club meet up in Greenwich SM North EDSA, however I was not able to attend due to work. But nevertheless, it was a fun meet up since there is the intoduction of the new Pizza flavor by Greenwich, also a  year of web hosting was also raffled off.  This blog is also one of the inspirations why fudfyt came into reality. For this one, we here at fudfyt would like to greet nomnom club a happy anniversary!


poor guy, hope you can make it!
check out this feat at skittles facebook page

Twister Fries are Back!

do I need to say more? However, this is available for a limited time. So get twister fries or be twisted! Call McDelivery now or go to your local McDonalds!

Angels Pizza, Pasta, Combos, and More!

For the first time I attended a gathering of nomnom club at Angel's Pizza. Also It was one of the first time to have a food tasting event at a pizza house. I love Italian cuisine and of course that involves pizza and pasta. They have a variety of pizza flavors with a generous serving of toppings that can surely fill up even with a big appetite.The pizza selections were very unique and very delicious indeed for example are Cheesy Melt ( uber cheesy!) Angel's Medley, Extra Feast, Spicy Tuna ( which has the right amount of spiciness to teaseyour tastebuds) just to name a few. 

They also serve Combo meals like Chicken, Liempo, and even has a bucket meal!This makes Angel's Pizza a cut about the other pizza houses as it gives the consumers the value and great taste for its menu, and since there are expanding with new stores, try to pick up one and enjoy!

Angel's Pizza Corp Stores Promo
B1T1 - buy 1 take 1 promo

DI - dine in
TO- take out
DE - delivery

Makati Store
10am-1pm DI …

Tajimaya Yakiniku!

Wagyu is Love! It was my first time to taste the 'legendary' beef that was of great value and few have tasted. But what is more interesting is the restaurant that served this. Tajimaya Yakiniku, a japanese grill restaurant which have a elevated flooring to accomodate a smoke-less grill on each table.
This restaurant is very unique for its beef and other meat selections. They had a first branch years ago in Cebu, and just made a move to introduce it to the Metro. Located in the Mall of Asia's restaurant lane near San Miguel by the bay, its also a sight to see with the delicious grill fresh meat that made our mouth water!

Aside from the meat selections, they also have salads and appetizers that also deserves a golden spoon for it great and unique taste! Highly commended are the Caesar salad, the beans and kimchi servings! Not to mention the condiments of sweet, spicy and garlic pastes that brings out the flavor of each meat.

Learning to cook in the table grill was not that as …

Yoshinoya Bloggers' Eating Contest!

Its actually my first time to partake in a eating contest, and the thing that its a Japanese food that I like, Gyudon. This event happened on May 5th, 2010 at Yoshinoya SM Megamall. 15 bloggers from the metro competed to be crowned as the 'hungriest' gyudon eating blogger. Most of them were are friends so it was not hard to get along and feel comfortable. And even with the other contestants were bubbly yet, I know they came prepared and ready to eat. 
The mechanics are simple, the winner is determined by the most number of gyudon bowls eaten within 5 minutes. And when the race was on, I did make an effort to gulp it all up but I never had a technique, just munch munch and munch. But here is a small video about the event and you'll be the judge.

And the winner is Jayson Biadong! This dude ate 4 bowls against Jonel and me with 3 bowls only! Although I did not win it, it was very fun to enjoy a big bowl of gyudon from yoshinoya. And since they are present in An…